Press reviews

Our quality was recognized in the 2014 Guide Hachette: 1 star for the Brut Sélection , 1 star for the Brut Rosé !

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In 2016, the Cuvée Candice was awarded 2 stars and in 2017, the 2008 vintage Cuvée Anaëlle also kept its 2 stars!

Gold medal awarded to the Cuvée Confidentielle at the 2017 Frankfurt International Trophy, with a silver medal for the Brut Rosé

Silver medalist for the Brut Sélection and the Cuvée Confidentielle in 2017, thanks to Bettane et Desseauve


An exceptional vineyard
A passion over 4 generations

Jean-Michel Pelletier, at Passy-Grigny on the Marne, has been cultivating vines prudently ever since the family’s vineyard was handed down to him in 1984.