A soil, A Vineyard…

Champagne Pelletier

The Champagne Pelletier vineyard, near Epernay, is situated among the communes of Passy-Grigny, Saint-Gemme and Verneuil in the plot « Vallée de la Marne Rive Droite » (Marne valley, right bank).

In this vineyard area, to the west of the designated region, hillsides are cultivated for their clay-limestone soils, as is common on the Marne. The dominant grape variety is “Pinot Meunier”.

Pinot Meunier

Champagne Pelletier

Champagnes possessing a seductive bouquet, with fruitiness and great versatility.


Champagne characterized by delicate aromas, floral notes, citrus, sometimes quite mineral.

Pinot Noir

Champagne characterized by red fruit aromas and its distinctive structure.

An exceptional vineyard
A passion over 4 generations

Jean-Michel Pelletier, at Passy-Grigny on the Marne, has been cultivating vines prudently ever since the family’s vineyard was handed down to him in 1984.