Situated at Passy-Grigny in the Marne Department (51), not far from Epernay, Jean-Michel Pelletier Champagnes commit themselves permanently to fruity or sugary notes, due to the retained vintages...

Les cuvées - Champagne Jean-Michel Pelletier

Cœur de Cuvée

The Coeur de Cuvée draws its essence from the extraction of the noblest juices. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier from selected plots are combined to obtain the quintessence of our terroir. An elegant, fresh, long wine that begins with a mineral note and then reveals a complex bouquet of white flowers, citrus and elegant exotic nuances. Currently this numbered series is limited to 60 annual copies.

Champagne Pelletier Cuvée Anaëlle Millésime 2012

Cuvée Anaëlle Millésime 2012

All the quintessence of a single year of excellent quality. The agreement of a Chardonnay magnified by a passage in oak barrels combined with a Meunier selected in our best cuvées in comparable quantity. A Champagne of festive dishes ranging from scallops to foie gras and chicken with mushrooms. Complex, on aromas of vanilla, dried figs, raisins while keeping a nice freshness. This cuvée was notably distinguished at the international Wine challenge in London by obtaining a silver medal in 2015.

Champagne Pelletier Cuvée Origine

Cuvée Origine

The full expression of our terroir made up mostly of old vines. A pure Meunier, the traditional grape variety of our region. A nice length and a nice freshness, reminiscent of the Brut tradition in a more subtle and longer expression. Another variant for your aperitifs.

Champagne Pelletier Brut Sélection
Champagne Pelletier Brut Sélection

Brut Sélection

Distinguished 2 years in a row in the Hachette guide (2014-2015) it combines the 3 Champagne grape varieties with a preponderance of Pinot Noir. Notes of citrus fruits and baskets of fruit, nuances of acacia honey over a good length are the undeniable attractions of this elegant blend to accompany your aperitifs or cooked white fish recipes.

Champagne Pelletier Brut
Champagne Pelletier Brut Tradition

Brut Tradition

A cuvée from Meunier. A very accessible Champagne! Beautiful notes of white fruit around fresh apple and pear. The privileged pairing of aperitifs for all your receptions.

Champagne Pelletier Rosé
Champagne Pelletier Brut rosé

Brut rosé

Distinguished as the Brut Sélection in the Hachette guide (2014-2015). It combines Meunier for 80% and Chardonnay for 20% on the basic blend which will join Meunier vinified in red. This cuvée combines vinosity and elegance with a beautiful concentration of red fruit fragrance. A Champenois full of delicacy to be found as an aperitif or dessert.

Champagne Pelletier Demi-sec
Champagne Pelletier Demi-sec


Tradition in its gourmet and tender version. Notes of dried linden and honeyed fragrances with a lovely delicacy. The companion of your desserts and a nice surprise on foie gras.

Champagne Pelletier Grande Réserve
Champagne Pelletier Grande Réserve

Grande Réserve

The alliance of the 3 Champagne grape varieties to dedicate Champagne to gastronomy. A brioche sausage, braised poultry accompanied by mushrooms will magnify this cuvée which has been aged for a long time on the lees in the cellar. It exhales fragrances of baked apple, dried linden and dried fruit.

Cuvée Confidentielle
Champagne Pelletier Grande Réserve

Cuvée Confidentielle

A real favorite cuvée for many of our customers who discover it! A Blanc de Blancs, pure Chardonnay, elegant, airy, fresh with lovely lemony, liquorice and acacia notes. The aperitif of excellence or the delicate alliance to accompany sushi or minced lobster. A limited production reserved for epicureans.

Cuvée Confidentielle

Cuvée Candice

The expression of Meunier in all its splendor combined with top-of-the-range vinification, partly fermented in oak barrels. Notes of toasted bread, cinnamon, milk caramel precede a complex and fresh mouth accompanied by sweet spices. A marvel on poultry fricassees, grilled duck breasts or cinnamon-flavoured desserts. This cuvée has distinguished itself by obtaining 2 stars in the 2016 Hachette guide and a silver medal in London at the 2015 international Wine challenge.

Le Ratafia de Champagne

Magnificent combination of grape must and alcohol, warm with lovely notes of Morello cherries. A gourmet aperitif or a beautiful alliance with a melon.